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Ballarat City FC All Time Teams

This is the best 50 players to have played for the club in the 1000 matches that Ballarat played between 1968 and 2010. The order that they are in represents the first season that they played, not that they are better than a player below them.

First name Last name Position Year
 Ivan  Kurelja  Defender  1968
 Les  Ives  Defender  1968
 Charlie  Payton  Midfielder  1968
 Malcolm  Peel  Defender  1968
 Hugh  Rattray  Forward  1968
 Martin  Vissers  Forward  1968
 Keith  Davidson  Midfielder  1968
 Rod  Brissenden  Midfielder  1970
 Gerry  Rykers  Defender  1971
 Ian  Gow  Midfielder  1971
 Harry  Arts  Defender  1971
 Leo  Arts  Midfielder  1971
 Theo  Arts  Midfielder  1971
 Peter  Smith  Midfielder  1972
 John  Kennedy  Forward  1973
 Eric  Oparski  Goal keeper  1973
 Donny  Gunn  Forward  1973
 Ashley  Whitehead  Midfielder  1973
 Garry  Hollywood  Midfielder  1974
 Wayne  McNeight  Defender  1976
 Rick  Romein  Goal keeper  1976
 Tony  Clayworth  Midfielder  1976
 Garry  Green  Midfielder  1976
 George  Horvatek  Forward  1979
 Stan  Burns  Forward  1980
 Andrew  Lewis  Forward  1980
 Paul  Den Ouden  Forward  1981
 Pat  Kennedy  Defender  1981
 Jim  Colvin  Defender  1982
 Nick  Ravenscroft  Defender  1982
 Duncan  Smith  Midfielder  1982
 Andrew  Burgess  Forward  1983
 Tony  Coxall  Midfielder  1985
 Simon  Flanagan  Midfielder  1985
 Jamie  Winton  Defender  1986
 Paul  Baldock  Midfielder  1987
 Wayne  Sandford  Defender  1987
 Nick  Karametis  Forward  1989
 Dave  Gibson  Defender  1992
 Peter  Sammut  Forward  1992
 Chris  Karameros  Midfielder  1993
 Steven  Work  Midfielder  1995
 Mark  Van Hammond  Defender  1998
 Luke  Armstrong  Defender  1999
 Josh  Romein  Midfielder  2005
 Shaun  Romein  Midfielder  2005
 Dom  Swinton  Midfielder  2005
 Rick  Janssen  Goal keeper  2006
 Sam  Muscat  Midfielder  2007

All Time Goal Scorers

Below is a list of every match that Ballarat City FC have ever played which contains information like the score, goalscorers, home or away, the date and more. Just click on the spreadsheet and go to the year and have a look if you really did score or not.
All time goal scorers finish 2010

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